Contributions and Your Support

Hello there, readers! I've been working on infosec content creation on my blog and sharing knowledge with you for over a year. Although I stated that it would cover a variety of topics, the blog has been primarily focused on information security. I'm going to change this and add some variations to it, which you can find on the series page.

I don't have any full time job, just because I can focus on learning new things because they are cool instead burdened that they are required for the job. I know you must be thinking "then, how are you getting the paid resources?" Well, I am doing freelance web-backend development to fund my research and purchasing the required resources (course subscriptions, books, hardwares and etc.).

I don't publish the articles every day since it takes a lot of effort to gather information from many sources and confirm that the information I'm presenting is accurate. Also, I don't market (only cross-post) my content because it takes up research resources; instead, I rely on you to spread the content among your peers.

How you can contribute

So here comes the main information, feel free to choose any from the below or share any other way you can contribute to my blog. I would love to connect with you.

Constructive Critisism with Scope Improvements

Though it's been more than 150 posts I have published so far on my blog or secjuice, but I still not consider myself a pro technical writer. There are so many posts with very long contents on this blog. Practically, I find it challenging to think about writing new topics while also fixing the older ones. Therefore, I am depending on you to assist me in correcting any errors in the code, grammar, or information in any article.

  • Bug in the code, including different output or unhandled exceptions
  • English is not my native language, therefore there could be a lot of grammatical mistakes
  • Wrong or outdated information on the post

There are no false positives here, feel free to share your feedback even if it is not listed 😉.

Collaborative Writing

I was approached about sharing my content on various blogging platforms and catering to their audiences. The concept of guest posting appealed to me. However, I want to create the content independently and without any mental pressure that could compromise the quality, as well as with a new pattern in which we will collaborate on the same topic and share our perspectives, rather than you sharing the content, then I am supposed to review it and then publish it. This format will help both of us improve our skills.

You can choose a topic related to offensive security, machine learning, or it could be any maths or physics concept, and inform me about it. I'll set up your account on the CMS, and then we can get to work.

Financial Aid (Money💰)

Finally, due to any reason, if you can not devote the time in any of the above scopes but wish to support me, you can send me any amount via (the link is attached below). I'm not asking you for a specific amount; it's entirely up to you. I assure you that it will be returned to you in the form of content.

Pay Gurkirat Singh using PayPal.Me
Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it’s easier and more secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.

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