Offensive Wi-Fi Security

Offensive Wi-Fi Security
Photo by Matthieu Bühler / Unsplash

The popularity of mobile devices and the Internet of Things over the past few years has led to a growth in wireless networking. Who wouldn't like to work or watch movies in their preferred chair at home or in the office? People may now effortlessly access the internet without needing to connect their gadgets to tangled LAN cords. However, this increased reliance on wireless technology also presents a number of new security risks, including the risk of offensive attacks. In this series, I will discuss the concepts of wireless security and various types of offensive attacks that can be carried out against wireless networks.

Despite the fact that it has been extensively studied from an infosec perspective, I'm here to address "what" and "why" questions regarding this topic in the way I had learned things and make it very simple for you to understand.

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Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Basic of Linux commands, shell scripting and text editors
  • OSI Model in the Networking (optional)


  1. Introduction to Wireless Networking
  2. Frequency Bands in Wi-Fi Networks
  3. Understand MAC Header Format in Detail
  4. Traffic Analysis using Wireshark
  5. WiFi Standard 802.11ac Packet Analysis
  6. Preferred Network Lists (PNL) in Details
  7. WiFi Traffic Reconnaissance using Aircrack-ng Suite
  8. Understand Legacy Security Mechanisms
  9. Bypass MAC Filtering using MACChanger Tool
  10. Creating Honeypot Access Points using Hostapd
  11. Understanding WEP Encryption in Details
  12. Decrypt WEP Traffic with Insufficient Initial Vectors
  13. Break into the Personal WiFi Network and Interact with Services
  14. Find Hidden Network Backdoor in WiFi Firmware
  15. Understand and Interact with OpenWRT
  16. Robust Security Network and Extended Authentication Protocol in Detail
  17. Difference between WPA and WPA2
  18. Crack Pre-Shared Key of WPA/WPA2 from Live Network
  19. Crack WPA2-PSK from Probing Clients
  20. – discuss enterprise –
  21. Steal WiFi Logins from Enterprise Network
  22. Evil Twin Enterprise WiFi Network using Hostapd-Mana
  23. Pivoting Over TTLS-PAP WPA Enterprise Networks
  24. Pivoting Over Challenge Based Enterprise WiFi Network
  25. Evil Twin with Karma Attack in Enterprise WiFi Network
  26. – discuss wpa 3 –