Docker Containers Security

Docker Containers Security
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Docker is one of the most popular services to run containerized applications and it utilizes containerd and runc at a low level. This became popular because of its ease of use and intuitive experience. There are some misconfigurations that are left in the setup that can easily be exploited and few of them even let you break out of the containerized environment.

In this series, I will be explaining to you the basic concepts of the docker internals and how you can exploit certain misconfigurations to gain root user access or breakout of the containerization via both remote and local exploits. Also later in this course, you will learn how to secure your existing docker environment by following best practices from the experts.

Prerequisite Knowledge


  • Account of Pentester Academy to Practice Labs (Optional)
  • A Modern Browser (Chrome is Recommended)


Getting Started with the Docker Ecosystem
Understanding the Misconfigurations in the Setup and Exploiting them
Securing your Docker Environment